The houses



A small  village that  lays aside at the foot of the Shumen plateau ,surrounded by old  trees and mysticism. Here every corner will amaze you, whispering  in an  unique way the ancient legends, keeping  memories of the greatness of the first Bulgarian capitals Pliska and Preslav. Nearby are the impressive Osmarski rock monasteries , like a  guards from the Middle age  with their drawings and inscriptions ,and The Eye  phenomenon, which offers a breathtaking spectacular view! And all of this has its connecting red cord-aromatic  and bitter! The wormwood wine  Osmarski Pelin -ancient like everything all around with an unique technology !


Places nearby which you could visit:


-Kostadinovsky  rock monastery -12-14th century,(3km)


-Rock phenomenon The eye,(3km)


-150 year old local Church St. Konstantin and Elena


-The Ethnographic Museum of the village


-Tasting of regional wines, cognac and tarragon(Veliki Preslav,15km)


-The first Bulgarian capitals Pliska and Veliki Preslav(25km and 15km)


-Madara Horseman(25km)


-Shoumen fortress(15km)


-National historical and archaeological reserve "Kabiyuk", Inc. Horse farm and a Museum of the horse,(Shumen,15km)